Burning Rose Artistry

Living with sickle cell anemia I get encourage to explain what I go through with my art. This difficult illness is not only hard to deal with, but also difficult to explain the severity of the pain that I experience when I go through my chronic episode of a pain crisis. By creating art work and explaining what I experience is a challenge and a gift from God. To create art expressively to a population without words is a talent and I am happy to express and encourage others to express their life through art just as I am.  

I am from Oakland by way of Hayward, CA.  Raised in a big family of 5 brothers and one sister.  My love for art started very early, and my uncle pushed, inspired, and gave me what I needed to make my visions real. I love him for that. Now all I want to do is create art all the time.  I paint surrealism, real life experiences, and local surrounding views throughout the Bay Area.  I have a passion for art and I feel so blessed to be able to share my art work.

Janelle La Chaux

My inspiration

 This Man started it all! Rene La Chaux. My uncle Rene inspired me to pick up a paint brush and get to painting because of this man right here, I am now and artist on the go.